2016 was a banner year for Metricly. Our hardworking engineering team shipped an incredible number of new features, functionality improvements, and integrations. We’ve been humbled by the incredible feedback from our users, and look forward to an even more extraordinary 2017.

If you’ve been following our release highlights, you’ve already seen the rapid pace of these changes first-hand. Here are just a few of our favorite new releases from the past year:

AWS EC2 Cost Reporting


Our groundbreaking AWS EC2 Cost Report debuted in May, providing users with insights into the relationship between EC2 performance data and AWS costs. The report not only breaks down billing data on a per-instance basis, but also allows users to compare their EC2 utilization metrics alongside AWS billing data.

AWS EC2 Recommendation Report (Beta)


The newest addition to our AWS reports, the EC2 Recommendation Report, takes EC2 cost reporting one step further. It offers suggestions for alternative EC2 instance configurations to help reduce monthly costs, based on variables like location, instance type, size, and more. This report is currently still in beta, but is easy to enable for your own environment.

Microsoft Azure Integration


We launched a new product offering for Microsoft Azure, with support for VMs and the Application Gateway. Read more about this integration here.

Quick Start Monitoring Packages

This past year, we introduced exclusive Metricly Quick Start Monitoring Packages. These packages automatically deploy when you configure an integration for popular technologies such as AWS, Azure, Linux, Java, Ruby, and several others. Quick Start Monitoring Packages include preconfigured dashboards and alerting policies tailored to each integration, so you can monitor your environment immediately with minimal setup.

Inventory and Metric Explorer Improvements


We listened to your feedback, and turned your biggest feature requests into hundreds of new improvements to the Metric Explorer and Inventory Explorer. If you haven’t seen these changes, check out our blog on the new Metric Explorer or sign up for a demo!

Bring on 2017!

As if all of that wasn’t enough, our team also deployed several updates to existing integrations, made countless UI/UX improvements, debuted new dashboard widgets, and more.

We couldn’t be more excited to build on the incredible strides our team has made in the coming months. We hope you’ll join us for our weekly product demos to stay informed on new features, integrations, and more – and make sure to keep an eye out for our release highlights as well!

Thanks for being a valued part of the Metricly community this year – let’s make 2017 the best year yet!

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