PLEASE NOTE THIS IS AN ARCHIVED POST - Netuitive has since become Metricly, and the tool has matured greatly since the time this was written!

Metricly has some great things primed in August: a new Windows agent, a redesigned Multiple Metric Time Series widget, and Docker support.

Docker Support for Metricly Agent

Docker (New Releases)

With the rapid proliferation of Docker containers in production environments, it is valuable to monitor each container separately so that you can isolate performance problems down to individual containers. The Metricly agent now supports collecting systems level metrics from Docker containers like CPU, Memory, Network, and Disk I/O per container. Also released is the Metricly Docker container, which allows collection of metric such as number of running containers, stopped containers, and images from Docker containers and hosts. The Metricly agent is easy to deploy into an existing environment since it is part of the Docker container.

Windows Agent

Windows Agent (New Releases)

Metricly’s open source Windows agent is a native Windows service written in C#. The Windows agent efficiently and reliably collects, aggregates, and publishes windows performance counters and attributes in a similar fashion that collectd collects UNIX metrics. Installing the agent is quick and painless and can get you monitoring your Windows infrastructure’s performance and resources in no time. You can easily extend it to collect any metrics available in PerfMon to monitor SQLServer, IIS, Active Directory and other Windows applications and technologies.

Redesigned Multiple Metric Time Series Widget

Multiple Metric Widget (New Releases)

The Multiple Metric Time Series widget has been redesigned to provide ultimate flexibility in metric selection and filtering. Users will notice an updated configuration screen that features more detailed filters. Users are now able to select multiple metrics independently of whether they belong to one or multiple elements. Two new filters allow users to select metrics that simply contain (or do not contain) certain letters in their full qualified name. A new new area of the configuration now shows the shortlist of metrics based on the filter results to make the configuration process more intuitive.

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