Using The AWS Reserved Instance Marketplace

by Mike Mackrory | July 30, 2019

In a previous article, I introduced the concept of Reserved Instances and discussed the importance of strategic planning to ensure that your plans to save money don’t end up costing you more in the long run. In this article, we’re going to talk about the …
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AWS AMI Management—A Lifecycle Strategy With Best Practices

by Mike Mackrory | April 15, 2019

Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is one of the foundational services that launched Amazon Web Services (AWS) into the successful Cloud empire of today. When Amazon announced its new EC2 service in 2006, the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) was the virtual …
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EC2 Reserved Instances—Understanding The Basics

by Mike Mackrory | April 3, 2019

Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances, which offer a discount of up to 75% over regular On-Demand Instances, are an attractive option for AWS users. However, to make the most of Reserved Instances, it’s critical to understand the terms, conditions, and …
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AWS ECU vs vCPU—Everything You Need to Know

by Mike Mackrory | March 22, 2019

If you’ve deployed an application or service to the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud, you’ve probably made use of an EC2 instance. One of the decisions that you had to make before you could start a new instance, was which instance type to use. …
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AWS Nitro—What Are AWS Nitro Instances, and Why Use Them?

by Mike Mackrory | March 18, 2019

At Re:Invent 2017, Anthony Liguori, a senior principal engineer within the EC2 space, introduced the Nitro Hypervisor. In his presentation, he walked the audience through the Nitro Hypervisor’s development and the advantages it offered AWS and AWS …
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EC2 Instance Pricing—4 Ways to Find The Instance You Need

by Mike Mackrory | March 14, 2019

Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) has revolutionized our industry. Distilled down to its most basic components, provisioning a new server is as simple as selecting an instance configuration and then waiting for a minute or two while AWS creates and …
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Want to Reduce Your AWS Bill? Here’s 7 Practical Ways to Do It

by Mike Mackrory | December 28, 2018

Companies begin using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide their IT infrastructure because of the ability to grow and expand their capabilities without a substantial capital investment, and because they only pay for the resources they need and use. An …
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AWS Lambda Cost—Your Guide to Understand, Calculate, and Optimize

by Mike Mackrory | November 5, 2018

In this article we’ll help you get an understanding of AWS Lambda cost, and how it is calculated. More specifically, we’ll cover the relationships between configuration and cost and help you build strategies to optimize both cost and performance. Since its …
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EC2 Instance Types—6 Things You Need To Know Before Selecting

by Mike Mackrory | October 16, 2018

When an organization and its engineers begin their first forays into Amazon’s Elastic Computing (EC2) solutions, the selection of the right EC2 instance type may appear to be an easy decision based on capability and cost. Early decisions might be made based …
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AWS Pricing API—How to Use It to Predict and Control AWS Costs

by Mike Mackrory | September 26, 2018

About The AWS Pricing API Determining the exact price of an AWS service is a particularly important (and notoriously challenging) step in predicting and controling AWS costs. To help with this task, the AWS pricing API was introduced at the end of 2015. Amazon …
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