Discover The Ultimate
AWS Cost Tool

Our users save an average of 32%+ on their AWS bill by using our cost analysis, recommendation & tuning tools.
aws cost

Discover The Ultimate
AWS Cost Platform

Our uses save an average of 32%+ on their AWS bill by using our cost analysis, recommendation & tuning tools.
aws cost

Complete Cost Visibilty

Find the exact AWS cost and utilization data you need with powerful grouping, filtering, sorting and recommendations
Detect AWS Billing Changes Early

Compare on-going AWS costs grouped by cost allocation tags or attributes, and detect unusual jumps before they surprised you.

Cross-Correlate Utilization and Cost

Confidently plan for capacity by re-using the same metrics used for monitoring to also measure resource utilization in CPU, memory, I/O, network and disk space.

Analytics Insights at Your Fingertips

Aggregate, sort, and compare across time and metadata for EC2, EBS, RDS, and S3 to answer questions like: “Show me all EC2s in production with less than 10% utilization 95% of the time, and a cost of more than $25 per week.”

Rightsize Your EC2s

Let our recommended EC2 sizing eliminate the guesswork and slash your AWS cost
How It’s Done

We analyze your EC2s resource utilization (ex. CPU, memory) and go through thousands of EC2 configuration options to offer our top recommendations for down-sizing your EC2s, and not spending any more money than required.

Choose Your Risk Tolerance

You set the risk tolerance based on your workload, making our recommendations usable with your infrastructure goals.

Weekly Emailed Report

We email our recommendations to you on a weekly basis, further reducing the time and effort to promote a culture of savings across your teams.

Alarms and Notifications

Fine Tune Your ASGs

Tuning suggestions to fit your risk tolerance with cost-savings for each “what-if” scenario
Dissect The Data

See historical ASG instance count alongside utilization, so you can know when instances were spun up and whether the groups scaled in and out effectively.

Tune For Tomorrow

Get tuning suggestions to fit your specific risk tolerance, with cost-savings figures for each “what-if” scenario.

Signal For Scaling

Receive Webhooks every hour to trigger changes in your auto-scaling.


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