Introducing the AWS Services Cost Report

Currently, the Metricly AWS cost reports do a great job of helping you navigate your billing data. We have customers around the world who rely entirely on our platform to help them understand their AWS bill, and save thousands each month. However, some users requested reporting support for a specific use case- this prompted us to create an entirely new report called “AWS Services Cost”.

The use case revolves around comparing costs over time, while grouped by a tag or an attribute. This way you can detect changes before the end of a billing period. For example, you may want to know about a jump in spending in one of your departments or applications- with this report, you can spot and reverse it quickly before too much time goes by.

Understanding the Report

In the view below, each pair of bars represents the value associated with a given cost allocation tag key. Each pair could also represent an attribute such as an Account ID or region. The darker color represents a recent period such as last day, last 7 days, last Wednesday, or month to date. The bar colored in lighter blue represents the preceding corresponding period, meaning the 7 days prior to the last 7 days, for example. The intent is to show you the change by tag value over time in both visual and tabular format.

AWS Services Cost Report

AWS Services Cost Report

How It’s Useful

Sometime an increase in cost may be due to a mistake such as selecting the wrong instance size, or launching instance types that don’t have a corresponding reservation contract. In those cases, time is of the essence to catch the problem early, and reverse it before having a bigger surprise at the end of the month.

Other times, this view is simply required by organizations for purposes of periodic management reporting. The purpose in that case is to provide visibility to managers of the hosting costs by department, application, account ID, or region, for purposes of governance and planning.

What Else Can It Do?

We intend to allow you to save a report after you have made your filtering, viewing and grouping selections, and receive them as an email on a regular basis. With this, you can always have it at your fingertips without having to log into our user interface to see it. The features for saving and emailing will follow the same exact pattern that we recently offered our EC2 Recommendations report.

Note that this report offers many other features such as viewing your overall cost data group by AWS service, by day, week, month, tag or attribute. A day view is shown below as example. You can also download the results in CSV format right from the user interface.

Overall cost data grouped by day

Finding the Report

This report is currently still in Beta- to enable it, follow these quick steps:

Hover over your email address shown in the top right of the header. Click on “Beta”.

Step 1: Go to “Beta”

Click “Try It” under AWS Cost Services (Beta):

Step 2: Click “Try It”

Remember that for your tags to show up in your billing data, you must take a minute to activate a regular tag to become a cost allocation tags inside your AWS console, by following the instructions provided by AWS.

We hope you enjoy our new report and eagerly await feedback to continue improving our cost tools. Not using Metricly yet? Create an account and try it out!