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AWS Sizing Tool

Right-Size AWS Resources, With Data

Match capacity to workload the right way, the first time.

AWS bill analysis

Visualize Actual Versus Ideal EC2 Configuration

Toggle between Cost vs CPU, Cost vs Memory, CPU vs Memory, and Table view to communicate data findings to instance planning stakeholders.

aws sizing report
ec2 sizing options

Set Instance Preferences For Recommendations

Set instance preferences based on instance series, generation, and size to be factored into proposal calculations.

Scope Your Sizing Projects with Precision

Focus on the instances you’re ready to size with filters for element (resource), attribute, tags, and set utilization preferences.

  • Include/exclude specific candidates for sizing using tags, attributes, or element names

  • Set historical usage assumptions or enrich your measurements with our agent integrations

  • Frame your target values with varying risk tolerances by choosing from several data aggregation methods (95th percentile, 75th percentile, mean, and median)

Complicated Sizing in a Simple Table

ec2 sizes table

Sort your sizing proposals and download them as a CSV file. You can also save each version of your report to keep track of different reservation initiatives.

  • Influence instance size and family type recommendations based on your input and added constraints

  • Compare current cost to projected cost and see savings percentages

  • Measure CPU and Memory utilization against current CPU and Memory resources

Analyze Utilization and Costs of AWS RDS, S3 & Lambda

ec2 cost analysis

We go beyond EC2s and analyze the historic workload of some of your other AWS services.

  • Know the exact allocation of your reservation subscriptions to individual instances

  • Calculate memory utilization of AWS Lambda functions

  • Aggregate historic utilization of computing resources and correlate with costs

  • Filter, group, and sort by all of the meta-data provided by AWS including tags and attributes

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