See Metricly in Action

The road to better full-stack monitoring starts here.

Now, we offer three ways to see Metricly in action.

Metricly is a cloud-based monitoring and analytics platform built with DevOps and modern infrastructures in mind.  Metricly helps you to:

  • Visualize data across your entire stack
  • Detect relevant anomalies and performance issues
  • Correlate costs and optimize capacity utilization

You’ve got seven minutes, right?  That’s all you need to see what great monitoring looks like. Walk through a demo of the Metricly platform and its features with this video, and if you still have questions, explore our product guide or go in-depth with our documentation.


Explore Metricly on your own.  Get hands-on with our live demo site. This fully-featured sandbox offers all of our dashboards, metrics, events, and reports (including our groundbreaking AWS cost reports!) making it easy to see how Metricly adds value to basic monitoring. Not sure where to begin? Our Getting Started Guide helps you step through the basics of the platform, while more detailed instructions can be found in the Metricly documentation.

Access Demo Site

Go live with Metricly!  Want a more in-depth approach? Join a Metricly engineer for a live demo. Topics covered include:

  • Getting started
  • How machine learning and anomaly detection improve monitoring
  • Building and customizing informative dashboards
  • What is a Quick Start Monitoring Package
  • Saving money on your AWS bill with cost savings and ASG Tuning reports
  • Attendee Q&A

Join us for our next demo to see how Metricly can work for your environment!

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