See Metricly in Action

The road to better full-stack monitoring starts here.

Now, we offer two ways to see Metricly in action.

Metricly is a cloud-based monitoring and analytics platform built with DevOps and modern infrastructures in mind.  Metricly helps you to:

  • Visualize data across your entire stack
  • Detect relevant anomalies and performance issues
  • Correlate costs and optimize capacity utilization

You’ve got seven minutes, right?  That’s all you need to see what great monitoring looks like. Walk through a demo of the Metricly platform and its features with this video, and if you still have questions, explore our product guide or go in-depth with our documentation.


Go live with Metricly!  Want a more in-depth approach? Join a Metricly engineer for a live demo. Topics covered include:

  • Getting started
  • How machine learning and anomaly detection improve monitoring
  • Building and customizing informative dashboards
  • What is a Quick Start Monitoring Package
  • Saving money on your AWS bill with cost savings and ASG Tuning reports
  • Attendee Q&A

Join us for our next demo to see how Metricly can work for your environment!

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