Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but Metricly’s love for new features has only grown. Our engineers put a large focus in February on new widgets and dashboard improvements, and our expanding widget library is a testament to our ongoing commitment to increased dashboard customization. Check out our brand-new improvements!

Default Dashboards

default_dashboards (February 2016)

Our default dashboards are pre-defined and populated automatically upon the activation of a new data source such as AWS, Linux, Windows, Java, Ruby or Browser. The widgets included on the default dashboards provide insights such as a summary view into your environment, or a display of key metrics for your most utilized resources. Just activate a new data source and let us do the rest. You can always edit them or create new ones.

Highest/Lowest Metric Value Widget

Highest-Lowest Metric Value Widget (February 2016)

The Highest/Lowest Metric Value Widget provides a quick glance at the best (or worst) performing elements in a group. After choosing a set of elements, pick the metric you want to track. The widget displays up to 30 elements that reach the highest or lowest value in the set time frame.

Metric Aggregation Widget

Metric Aggregation Widget (February 2016)

The Metric Aggregation Widget aggregates the values for a chosen metric (or metrics) across a selected set of elements. Simply choose the element and element type you want to track as well as key metrics and Metricly will aggregate the values and display them as a list on the widget.

Multiple Selection for Dashboard Widget Scope

Multiple Element Selection (February 2016)

For all widgets that require setting a scope, you can now select multiple elements. The old option to include all items whose name contains the string you typed is still available; you’ll be able to freely swap between each option for the Elements field. The ability to select multiple items, however, is now the only option available for the Element Types, Element Attributes, and Element Tags fields. Now your widget scope is fully customizable!

New Beta Features

Beta Features (February 2016)

Metricly now provides early access to beta features in the top Beta menu in product. We welcome your feedback as we develop and improve the functionality before general release.

Dynamic Dashboard

Dynamic Dashboards automatically populate a dashboard using one of two widgets based on the element and metric scope. As you narrow down the scope, the dashboard provides a preview in real time. Each row represents a metric and each column represents an element. After creating a dynamic dashboard, rows automatically update to reflect dynamic changes in the element or metric scope (example: Show key metircs for any EC2 with a certain tag). So as elements are added and removed in your environment, the dashboard will automatically display the current inventory that matches the chosen scope criteria. This feature helps users eliminate the need to manually selecting specific elements or metrics and inside set a dynamic scope and rely on a continuous update in their changing environment.

EC2 Cost Report

The EC2 cost report shows weekly cost and utilization of your EC2 instances. You can change the report view to see different aspects of the data and filter or group the data to analyze cost and utilization by different dimensions. Note that to see this report you must have a valid AWS Cost data source active for 7 days or more. Follow activation instructions here.

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