PLEASE NOTE THIS IS AN ARCHIVED POST - Netuitive has since become Metricly, and the tool has matured greatly since the time this was written!

Don’t miss these podcasts – and feel free to comment and let us know if you have other favorites so we can add them to our list!

Food Fight – Food Fight is a bi-weekly podcast for the Chef community. We bring together the smartest people in the Chef community and the broader DevOps world to discuss the thorniest issues in system administration. Food Fight is hosted by Bryan Berry, Nathen Harvey, and Matt Ray. Follow them @FoodFightShow

ArrestedDevOps — High level panel discussions of DevOps concepts and technologies. Hosted by Matt Stratton, a solutions architect at Chef; Trevor Hess, a software consultant at 10^th^ Magnitude; and Bridget Kromhout, an operations engineer at DramaFever. Follow them@ArrestedDevOps

OpsAllTheThings – A podcast about all things Operations, DevOps and systems administration. Follow them @opsallthethings

Software Defined Talk – As the name would imply, the intention is to be a (mostly) weekly gnashing over what’s happening in the changing software world, at the infrastructure layer. Hosted by Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Michael Coté. Follow them at @SoftwareDefTalk

Quick shout out to @NathenHarvey for his recommendations!

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