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Focus on Strategy, Implementation and Adoption..and don’t forget the executive sponsor!

Deployment of IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) solutions in large enterprises are expanding exponentially with Gartner forecasting a 100% increase in ITOA spending worldwide over the next two years. Like predictive analytics for Big Data and BI, these advanced IT analytics solutions are enabling large organizations to have a much better understanding of the impact of IT on the business.

As the leader of Metricly’s Professional Services organization since its inception three years ago, I have been privileged with a front row seat at the deployment of ITOA solutions for some of the world’s biggest banks, telcos, payment providers, and travel companies. From the beginning, we recognized the enormous knowledge sharing opportunity that existed with these organizations and over the last three years we focused on developing and refining a best practices delivery model — a methodology designed to deliver measurable business value in the shortest amount of time while giving the customer the knowledge they need to generate continuing return on investment.

Based on constant customer interaction and feedback, this delivery model was created to assure success by incorporating people, process and technology in a plan that is in lock step with our innovative performance management solution. Organized into three stages of operational adoption — Strategy, Implementation, and Adoption — the delivery model is both standardized for repeatability and is flexible for fine-tuning to each specific project. Along the way we continue to tweak and incorporate new input from customer experience that has enabled us to further improve efficiency gains and customer sat rates.

IOTA best practices

As we start to share this model with large enterprises, it is important to illustrate best practices that incorporate feedback and refinement based on real customer situations for each phase of delivery. It’s also interesting that the biggest reveal came from engagements where we had key executive sponsorship throughout the project. By far, the “best practice” that led to the most effective solutions with the greatest and most rapid ROI all featured an internal champion that we identified and worked closely with from the beginning. Particularly in the Alignment and Adoption phases, these executive sponsors played a critical role as they were actively engaged communicating key information to management as well as assisting in getting past internal bottlenecks that are prone to occur in any large organization.

By following this methodology, at the completion of our engagement, you will have all the tools and best practices for maintaining a performance management Center of Excellence, allowing you to apply ITOA in the ongoing support of your organization’s application owners and business units. Key indicators of success you can expect include:

  • Measurable business value – Proven methods for identifying opportunities for improvement and delivering quantifiable results based on your most important business metrics
  • Quick time to value – With return on investment typically in a matter of weeks
  • Repeatability – From best practices continually refined through Metricly customer success
  • Training materials and project plans – Reusable materials that can be leveraged in future projects

Check our website and blog for details. If you are considering a large scale ITOA solution, we are happy to share our experiences as well as our customers’ input from their large enterprise adoptions.

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