June was a busy month for our team! We introduced a number of new features in June that will set the stage for even bigger things to come. Here’s what we unveiled:

New Dashboard and Widget Layout

In an effort to make it easier for you to use and configure our monitoring widgets, we have consolidated them into a few simple widget templates, each with improved and flexible configuration options. With new, simplified widgets, you’ll experience:

  • Flexibility to have multiple “views” on the same widget
  • Common configuration settings across widgets
  • Ability to re-use the same metric filtering format across the whole product
  • Power to see a “preview” of your widget before you save

This new layout also serves as a foundation for exciting new features that we plan to introduce in coming weeks. Read our blog to learn more and then try it for yourself and tell us what you think.

June 2017: New Widgets

AWS S3 Cost Report

We have expanded our portfolio of reports by adding a utilization and cost analysis report for the AWS S3 service. The S3 cost report shows the aggregated cost and utilization of your S3 buckets. You can view, filter, sort and group your bucket utilization and cost components, including Data Transfer, Put and Get Requests, Standard storage space, and Glacier Storage space — and pinpoint your largest cost areas.The format of this report is consistent with our EC2 Cost report so that our users can rely on the same user interface navigation. You can read our blog to learn more. Activation is as simple as it can be: You only have to click a checkbox to enable data collection for the S3 service when you activate your AWS datasource, and be sure that you have activated your AWS Cost datasource as well.

June 2017 Releases: S3 Cost Report

MongoDB Collector for Windows Agent

One of the best open source and open license Windows agents on the market just got better. We are introducing support for MongoDB on our windows agent. The installation of our agent is simple and the activation of our MongoDB collector requires only a change to its configuration file. If you are running MongoDB on Windows, we recommend you try it and we would be happy to make any improvements based on your feedback.

June 2017 Releases: Windows June 2017 Releases: MongoDB

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