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Metricly uses and promotes the use of certain third-party and open source technology (“Third Party Software”), primarily data collection agents and other tools (“Agents”), for use with the Metricly Service. Any Agents provided by Metricly utilizing Third Party Software are governed by the applicable license, including open source licenses. If there are provisions in such licenses that conflict with the applicable Metricly Terms, the relevant Third Party Software license terms will apply. Metricly is not responsible or liable for the operation or functionality (or lack thereof) of any Third Party Software. You are solely responsible for your use of Third Party Software. Review the tables below to see the licenses governing the Agents.

Agent/Technology License
Rails Agent Apache 2.0
netuitived Apache 2.0
StatsD Netuitive Backend MIT
Netuitive Diamond Apache 2.0
Netuitive Client (Python) Apache 2.0
Windows Agent Apache 2.0
Netuitive Ruby API Apache 2.0
Netuitive Docker Agent Apache 2.0
Netuitive Agent Apache 2.0
Java Agent (Zorka)* GPLv3
JDBC Adapter for Netuitive Remote Collector Apache 2.0
Netuitive StatsD MIT
*Zorka for Metricly: Additional Disclosures

In the event you wish to utilize Zorka for Metricly, Metricly will provide you instructions regarding its downloading and installation. The version of Zorka available from Metricly has been supplemented by Metricly to include specific scripts and extensions in order to properly feed data to Metricly’s analytics solution and leverage its built-in capabilities. Zorka’s distribution and use are governed by the terms of the GNU GPL Version 3 license, and any modifications and additions made to Zorka that are subsequently distributed and made available by Metricly for use with its behavior learning technology are similarly distributed and licensed under the GNU GPL Version 3 license. Your use and distribution of Zorka and/or any modifications and/or additions to Zorka made by Metricly, are exclusively governed by the GNU GPL Version 3 license. You may obtain a copy of the GNU GPL Version 3 license here.

Please contact Metricly for a copy of the complete source code of Zorka (including any modifications made by Metricly). Please note, the information you input into Zorka and the information output generated by Zorka do not constitute covered works under GNU GPL Version 3, and are therefore not covered by the GNU GPL Version 3 license. Therefore, the information you input into Zorka and the information extracted from Zorka are not publically available under GNU GPL Version 3 and remain confidential. Further, while the use, input of information and any subsequent distribution of such output from Zorka are not governed by the GNU GPL Version 3 license, such output is covered by Metricly’s software license and may also contain confidential and proprietary information of the owner of the applications and infrastructure being monitored. You represent and warrant, in regards to the use of Zorka, that you will install, execute and run Zorka, as modified by Metricly, in order to generate the output for use with Metricly’s behavior learning technology.


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