PLEASE NOTE THIS IS AN ARCHIVED POST - Netuitive has since become Metricly, and the tool has matured greatly since the time this was written!

This March, the Development Team rolled out many new features. This month we are highlighting the integrated help content, multiple element metric comparison, and utilization boxplot report.

Integrated Help Content

Integrated Help Documents (March Release)

Metricly Cloud now offers integrated Getting Started pages that provide core information, so you can jump right in. These pages are a quick look at core aspects of Metricly, such as the Dashboard, Inventory Explorer, and the Policy Editor.

These integrated pages serve as a starting point and contain links to the user guide for more detailed information. Each time you access a page with the integrated help, a pop-up window appears with the help information. If you already know your way around, you also have the option to turn off the pop-up help pages.

Multiple Element Metric Comparison

Multiple Element Metric Comparison (March Release)

In the Performance Explorer, we added the ability to view metrics from multiple elements. Now you can effectively compare and analyze metrics that span across different elements.

For example, if one EC2 is showing abnormal IO, you may want to look at related metrics from the metrics of one or more EBS volumes. To compare the metrics, click on the button (the three line icon) to list all other elements with the selected metric, select the desired elements, and view the related data.

Utilization Boxplot Report


You now have the option of viewing your utilization report as a boxplot. All of your elements are presented side by side; the graph form allows easier comparison. You are able to effortlessly discern the elements that have the highest and lowest utilization percentage.

You also have the ability to display as many elements as necessary, sort results by statistic, and filter results by element, type, tag, or attribute. These choices further personalize your analysis.

Want to see these release highlights in action? We offer a fully-functional, 21-day free trial of Metricly here.

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