Dollar change and percentage change conditions have been added under the Matching Conditions section of the AWS Services Cost Report configuration modal.

Try these four new matching conditions to simplify bill monitoring

  • Any Group Comparison Cost: set min/max dollar amount value of previous billing period’s total cost
  • Any Group Current Cost: set min/max current dollar amount values
  • Any Group Delta: filter for dollar amount changes in cost compared to previous billing period
  • Any Group Delta %: set min/max percentage change in cost compared to previous billing period

New matching conditions to simplify bill monitoring

Set a budget for one or all services

Use conditions to monitor spending amounts across groups that match any given cost criteria. You can then save these reports to create a budgeted view into targeted areas of your AWS bill.

Monthly Budget — Any Costs Exceeding $200 Example:

  1. Set a matching condition of Any Group Current Cost > 200.
  2. Select the Current month time interval.
  3. Save the report as “$200 monthly budget per service.”

This would allow your team to track any AWS service group that surpassed the $200 threshold in your current month. If you needed to set different limits for different services, simply filter by service (like CloudWatch) and save each report individually.

Daily Budget — CloudWatch Costs Increasing 20% Example:

  1. Filter by Service and select CloudWatch.
  2. Set a matching condition of Any Group Delta % > 20.
  3. Select the Latest day time interval.
  4. Save the report as “Daily CloudWatch Costs.”

You can also combined multiple conditions for full control over your AWS Services Cost report.

Get emailed when cost exceeds threshold

These conditions also apply to saved reports with Send Daily Email enabled; a saved report with matching conditions only sends a daily email if the conditions applied are true. This essentially operates as an email alert for your cost reports, allowing you to automate routine billing check-ins.

Simplify monitoring cost changes today with these new matching conditions and manage your cost deltas like a pro.

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