Our UI/UX team has been hard at work making incredible updates to Metricly’s dashboard and widget capabilities. Here’s the inside scoop on our recent improvements:

Easy Dashboard Widget Resizing

Gone are the days of small, medium, and large widgets – your widgets can now be easily resized however you like! Simply grab the bottom-left or bottom-right corner of the widget you want to resize, and drag:

Dashboard Improvements: Widget Resizing
Being able to resize widgets easily brings much more flexibility to your dashboards. Make time-series graphs larger, and status checks smaller, or vice versa – it’s all up to you. Each dashboard row can contain up to six widgets of varying shapes and sizes. The possibilities are endless!

Drag and Drop Functionality

The drag-and-drop functionality also extends to widget location. If you want to move a widget, click that widget’s header bar and drag it to the desired location.

Dashboard Improvements: Drag and Drop

The other widgets on your dashboard will bump up, down, or to one side to accommodate the new widget. If there isn’t enough room for a new widget, it moves underneath to preserve screen resolution.

Quick Widget Creation

We’ve also made widget creation much easier. Just click the blue button at the top, create your widget, and drag and resize until it fits with your vision!

Dashboard Improvements: Widget Creation

Auto-Save Changes

Finally, Metricly preserves all of these changes in real time as you make them – no need to remember to hit “save.”

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