April showers bring May flowers…but also a lot of new product features! Our April 2017 release highlights include improvements to our policy page, our EC2 cost report, email notifications, and Lambda functions. Read more…

Improvement to Policy Page

Our monitoring policy page has been revamped for ease of use and flexibility to apply changes to multiple policies at the same time. At a glance, you can see if an alerting policy has notification enabled or not, and using the time controls, you can see the number of times that a policy has violated over time. You can then drill down into the events generated from a policy and see the deviating metrics with one more click. Another new feature for this page is the ability to change multiple policies at once. You can now “Add A Notification”, “Copy” a policy, “Delete” a policy, or “Delete” historic events generated by a policy. In each case, a model appears to provide additional configuration options:

April Release Highlights: Policy Page Improvements

Improved EC2 Cost Report

Our popular EC2 Cost report has received a few improvements. The improved version is available under the Beta section which is accessible via the top right pull down menu of our product. It will simply replace our current EC2 Cost report once it is out of Beta. One of the key improvements is aggregation by day, week and month. In the past, you could aggregate cost and resource utilization (CPU, memory, disk I/O, network I/O, Disk space) by instance, tag and attribute (such as Type). Now you can also aggregate by time. This helps to see your overall daily, weekly and monthly spending trends. As part of this improvement, you also have new options under the time selector, such as “Last 7 Days”, “Last 30 Days”, “Current Month”, “Previous Month”, etc. There is also a trending that forecasts your monthly spending based on your current daily spending and compares it to the previous month. There are a few other improvements too, so be sure to explore all the menus.

April Release Highlights: EC2 Cost Report

Multiple Notification Emails Supported Per Template

A small enhancement that has been a popular demand recently. Our email notifications allow customizations of the email template. This means that you can have the text and variables that you desire inside of your email notifications. We now allow multiple emails to be associated with a customized template so that other users can also use the template that you have created.

April Release Highlights: Email Notifications

Support for Newly Introduced Lambda Tags

In April, AWS introduced support for tags on Lambda functions. Without incurring any delay, we also added support for including the new tags throughout our product so that you can use them to collect only a subset of the Lambda functions, or filter them on various pages for graphing, viewing, alerting, reporting and dashboards.

April Release Highlights: AWS Lambda Tags

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