If you’ve noticed some changes in the Metricly UI over the past couple of months, you’re not alone! Metricly’s engineering team has been hard at work improving our monitoring dashboard functionality, and while it’s not easy to deliver features that get instant and unanimous reception, this was certainly one of those occasions! We’d like to share these and some additional upcoming changes with you in this blog.

Monitoring Dashboard Changes We’ve Made So Far

The most obvious alteration to our dashboards and widgets is allowing each widget to be moved and resized via simple dragging of the edges. This provided a lot more flexibility in dashboard creation, letting users size down simpler widgets and expand more detailed charts and graphs.

Our configuration settings, which used to be a separate page, have been reconfigured to fit a modal format (“pop-up”), so you can see the dashboard in the background as you’re configuring it (and avoid navigating to another page!)

We are now planning even more improvements in monitoring dashboard usability. Over the past year or so, we’ve created a multitude of new widgets to satisfy our users’ requests and requirements, and to offer new ways to visualize your data. Unfortunately, we’ve realized that because each widget has a slightly different configuration process, new users (and even old hands!) aren’t always clear on which widget is the best for their use case.

To that end, we want to make it easier for you to choose and configure your widgets by consolidating our many existing widgets into a few simple widget templates, each with improved configuration options.

Monitoring Dashboard: New Widget Modal

With new, simplified widgets, you’ll experience:

  • Flexibility to have multiple “views” on the same widget
  • Common configuration settings across widgets
  • Ability to re-use the same metric filtering format across the whole product
  • Power to see a “preview” of your widget before you save

This new layout also serves as a foundation for exciting new features that we plan to introduce in coming weeks. Stay tuned to the blog for upcoming announcements!

Want to know how this will change the way you use your monitoring dashboard? The guide below will help you know what to expect.

The Three Event Widgets Become One

Currently, three separate widgets present events (alerts generated by Metricly, or text-based events ingested via the API) in our product.

Monitoring Dashboard Updates: Events Widgets

These widgets become different views of one larger widget (in this example, you can see the three views under “Events” on the left-hand side):

Monitoring Dashboard Updates: Events Widget 2

Two “Single Metric” Widgets Become One

Metricly currently offers two widgets that show bands of normalcy around a single metrics (“Metric Status” and “Metric Time Series.”)

Monitoring Dashboard Updates: Single Metric Widgets

Like the events widgets, these two are being consolidated into a single larger widget that contains two views. The new widget’s layout is shown below. As you can see, we’re adding a couple of extra views in addition to the two that were existing!

Monitoring Dashboard Updates: Single Metric Widgets 2

Two “Multiple Metric” Widgets Merge Into One

Two of our most popular widgets, “Multiple Metric Time Series” and “Stacked Area Time Series” will merge together into one “Multiple Metric” widget. Keep an eye out for new features we’re announcing soon!

Monitoring Dashboard Updates: Multiple Metric Widgets

Here’s what the new widget will look like:

Monitoring Dashboard Updates: Multiple Metric Widgets 2

The Table Widget Remains the Same, With a Few New Features

A popular widget that shows metric values and attributes in a tabular format, the table widget will also benefit from a new layout, and be subject to some feature enhancements as part of this change.

Monitoring Dashboard Updates: Table Widget

The new table widget will look like this:

Monitoring Dashboard Updates: Table Widget 2

High/Low Widget With New Features

Currently, our High/Low widget allows you to show the topic metrics by value (for example, the servers with the 5 highest CPU values across your infrastructure).

Monitoring Dashboard Updates: High Low Widget

This widget is getting a new layout and will soon have some new visualization options such as horizontal bars, in addition to graph and table views:

Monitoring Dashboard Updates: High Low Widget 2

Our engineers are always working to make it easier for you to configure and use our product. We want to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to click on the upper right corner of our page (the “Support” button) and tell us what you think about the changes, and what other features you would like to see.

Also, don’t forget to check our notification center for links to new product feature announcements:

Monitoring Dashboard Updates: Announcements

Happy dashboard-ing!

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