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Data Visualization

See All of Your Data, Beautifully

  • Flexible Dashboard

    Pre-configured dashboards give instant visibility to your metrics. Quickly filterand group them, while easily creating and sharing custom dashboards.

  • Ad-Hoc Graphing

    See metrics in a single UI and navigate them using meta-data filters. Recall saved filters and share with other users.

  • TV Projection

    Project dashboards, metrics, and alerts to an external screen.


“Metricly replaced a similar tool we were using previously, and has vastly exceeded our expectations”

  • Ease of Use
  • Features & Functionality
  • Customer Support
  • Value for Money

Michael S.
IT Operations Manager

“The unbelievable amount of metrics that the software is able to monitor, both broad and minuscule. I barely ever find myself needing something that Metricly doesn’t already offer, and in the rare instances that I do find something not currently in the tool, the folks over at Metricly are very open and willing to make my needs and wants come to fruition…”

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Mixbook Achieves “High Level of Confidence” in AWS Monitoring

Result: Monitoring that automatically learns the behaviour of metrics and newly added resources.

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Anomaly Detection

Let Machine Learning Catch the Issues

  • Sudden Change Detection

    Our unique alogrithm excels at detecting large shifts on metrics that have otherwise predictible trends.

  • Metric Bands

    Contextual bands represent the range of expected metric values based on other correlated metrics in the learned model.



Raise Your Alerting Accuracy to New Levels

  • Multiple Conditions

    Multiple metrics have to show anomalies or exceed set thresholds before you receive an alert.

  • Pre-configured Policies

    Avoid manual configuration with best-practices built-in, so you only detect real operational problems.


Get Alerts Where You’ll See Them

Integrate with all your favourite apps, and get graphical notifications sent via PagerDuty, Slack, Webhook and more.

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Powerful Advanced Features

Powerful API and CLI

Advanced users can use the Metricly CLI to quickly and programatically configure their account through our API.

Ingest Custom Metrics

Send custom data from your environments in the form of custom metric data or customer event messages.

Aggregate Metrics

See data aggregated by meta-data such as across an application, cluster, or region.

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