Refresh: The AWS Services Cost Report

Refresh is a Metricly blog series that showcases special product updates to existing features. Keep an eye out for future articles as we continue to roll out exciting updates to your cost platform.

The AWS Services Cost Report is a key player in your cost-reduction strategy. With just a few clicks, you can cut through the data by your preferred dimension and add filters to find exactly what you need.

Common Uses

  • When tracking short and long-term spending trends, use the period comparison view.
  • When comparing the cost of a certain service in relation to your whole services portfolio, use the stacked view.

What’s Changed


The Nav Bar has been streamlined to house all of your major actions. Let’s go through them left to right. 

  • Report Title & Saved Reports: Access any saved reports.
  • Time Frame: Adjust report’s examination period of your services with several intervals from Latest Day to Year to Date.
  • Configure: Set visualization, filters, and report sorting.
  • Download: Get a .CSV file of the report for your records.
  • Save: Save a new report.
  • Save As..: Overwrite a currently loaded, existing report save.
  • Clear: Restart your data exploration from scratch. (Does not delete saved reports).


All configuration options have been centralized in the modal shown below.

You can access this modal by clicking CONFIGURE in the navigation bar.

What’s New

Configuration now comes with a live preview report of your data! As you update your visualization, filtering, and other report options, the preview updates before you hit apply.

Check out the updated user guide to learn more.


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