Metricly has released an updated navigation for our users! Here’s a quick look:

You can check it out for yourself on your next login. Just go to your User Profile and enable Updated Navigation. New users have it enabled automatically.

What’s Changed

The links from the original top-level navigation have moved to the left and have been organized into different workflows or categorizations to help you find what you want faster.

Top-Down Explanation of Left Navigation

  • Metricly Home: Goes to your Metricly home page (Inventory by default).
  • Dashboards: Goes to your dashboard list. Favorite dashboards populate in the second-level navigation pane.

  • Cost Management: Goes to all Cost Management tools.
    • Billing Analysis: Goes to the AWS Services Cost tool.
    • Idle Resources: Goes to the Unattached ELB, EBS, and EBS on Stopped EC2 tools.
    • Right Sizing: Goes to the Utilization Boxplot, EC2 Cost, RDS Cost, S3 Cost, ASG Recommendation and EC2 Recommendation tools.

  • Capacity Monitoring: Goes to all Capacity Monitoring tools.
    • Inventory: Goes to all resources integrated and monitored with Metricly.
    • Metrics: Goes to the Metric Explorer page.
    • Alerts: Goes to your active Alerts and Policy creation tools.
    • Events: Goes to your Events Timeline.

  • Integrations: Goes to your existing integrations and setup instructions.
  • Announcements: Expands a list of Metricly announcements.
  • Support & Docs: Guides you to relevant help documentation or inputting a ticket.
  • User Profile: Goes to your User Profile options and Admin settings (if applicable).

Switching Between Navigations

Not quite ready to make the change? You can go to your User Profile settings and toggle Updated Navigation to revert back to the original navigation.

Help Navigation has Changed, Too!

Our documentation library has moved to and now features better search, tagging, and modularized articles.

We hope you’ll enjoy these new user experiences as much as we do!

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