Managing AWS Costs vs. Application Performance

Maintaining the balance between controlling cost and ensuring performance can be tough – but advanced analytics can help! Check out some of our best practices, and explore a real-life (anonymous) example in this webinar.
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The Fallacy of Analytics

Often, DevOps teams struggle to add meaningful analytics to their performance monitoring. “Real-time analytics” are supposedly the ultimate solution, but organizations often find configuring them is a huge challenge, and significant insights remain out of reach. Have “analytics” earned the bad reputation they recieve, or is there simply a better way to implement them? Find out with this webinar!
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Whitepaper: The Fallacy of Real-Time Analytics in Performance Monitoring
The Fallacy of Real-Time Analytics in Performance Monitoring

Is your performance monitoring using real-time analytics in a way that will produce results or frustration?

Real-time analytics can improve the value of performance monitoring by enabling operations teams to pinpoint problems faster and proactively manage applications. If not used correctly or completely, analytics can make or break your monitoring solution.
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Whitepaper: Static Thresholds and their Role in Performance Monitoring
Static Thresholds and their Role in Performance Monitoring

When is it appropriate for static thresholds to operate on their own? When should operations teams utilize them as baselines within anomaly detection solutions leveraging machine learning algorithms? Read on to find out.

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Case Studies

Jukin Media

Jukin Media is a global entertainment company powered by user-generated video content, that receives more than 2.5 billion monthly video views across digital platforms. Learn how Jukin Media leverages Metricly’s out-of-the-box alerting policies and advanced anomaly detection to determine the normal range of their performance and capacity metrics, while balancing AWS Costs with Metricly’s cost analysis capabilities.
Read More is a real-time analytics platform trusted by many of the web’s best digital storytellers, used by hundreds of top sites in order to understand what content draws website visitors and why. leverages Metricly’s real-time analytics to find deviations and application performance degradations in its data pipeline quickly and accurately, before they impact the quality of users’ experiences on its platform.

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