Metricly Core Features

Free Trial

No-obligation, 21-day free trial with access to 100% of our features

Full Stack Monitoring

Collect data from AWS, host, JVM and browser using Metricly open source agents or Diamond, collectd, and statsD

Full Stack Visibility

Integrate custom data sources using our REST API

Correlation Engine

Metricly automatically discovers statistical correlation across metrics to calculate a “contextual band of normalcy”

Intelligent Thresholds

Learn “bands of normalcy” reduce manual configuration and guesswork

Dynamic Policies

Out-of-the-box alarming rules configured w/industry best practices in IT Operations


See all of your metrics in one place and drill down on performance using an intuitive UI

Utilization Reporting

Avoid spending money on excess capacity. Confidently right size your environment with easy-to-read utilization reports


Address critical issues immediately with alarm forwarding to email, HipChat, or OpsGenie