Beta Feature Index Page

Metricly routinely deploys and iterates new features for our users to enjoy. Most features go through a public beta phase, meaning you get to take advantage of our new tools earlier in the creation process—and help shape them with your feedback! This page lists features you can expect to find in beta today.


Active Beta Features

The following beta features are now live. To use them, navigate to your Email/Username and in the drop down, click Beta.

Improved AWS Services Cost Report

The improved AWS Services Cost report includes new filters and controls to better explore your AWS costs. Preview the new report’s user guide here.

Unattached ELB Report

This report keeps you informed of any Elastic Load Balancers not related to EC2s. Take a look at our unattached volumes documentation here.

Improved EC2 Recommendation Report

The EC2 Recommendation Report compares your EC2s and utilization data to the most currently available SKU library in AWS to determine what combination would best suit your existing workload needs.

Lambda Sizing Tool

The Lambda Sizing Tool parses Lambda function CloudWatch logs to pull billable duration and memory metrics. It’s primarily used to calculate a memory utilization metric, calculated off the max used and billable memory values. These values are then sent to Metricly.



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