HipChat Notifications Admin Guide

How to add HipChat notifications to your policies in Metricly.

Send a notification to a HipChat room when an event occurs on your Metricly Policies. HipChat notifications are re-usable across multiple policies. Read below for configuration steps.


Setting up a new Hipchat notification is a two-step process:

  1. Generate a Hipchat Room token
  2. Link the created Hipchat room with Metricly
Metricly uses version 2 of the HipChat authentication API. See HipChat’s Rest API documentation for more info.

1. Generate a room token
  1. Log in to your Hipchat account at hipchat.com.
  2. Navigate to the Rooms section.
  3. Under My Rooms, select or create the desired room.
  4. On the left panel, select Tokens.
  5. Type a Label for the room and select Send Notification from the scopes list.
  6. Click Create to generate a token.
  1. Navigate to a Policy > Notifications.
  2. Click Add Notification and choose HipChat.
  3. After clicking Add Hipchat, ensure the Enabled checkbox is selected.
  4. Paste the Room name and Room Token to the corresponding fields.
  5. Click Test and Save.

More About Notifications

For more information about notifications, see them main Notifications page.


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