Getting started

Our integrations only take a couple minutes to configure and start collecting data. Once data is flowing check out our many tools for monitoring and cost analysis.

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Where to start

Sign up here for your free trial account.

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Add your first integration

You are now able to activate a integration. We recommend starting with AWS.

Check out the overview video.

Follow the instructions provided at the top bar to guide you in activating various features.

Additional integrations

We recommend activating our host agents (Linux or Windows).

You can also activate some of our other agents (e.g., StatsD, Java agent, Browser, Custom).

Finally, there are additional collectors you can activate via the configuration file for our Linux agent. Some have been documented to help quickly configure the agent.

AWS Cost Integration

Activate the AWS Cost integration, which allows us to collect your AWS billing information.

The cost data will be analyzed in conjunction with resource utilization measurements to help you reduce your AWS bill.

The AWS integration must be enabled before configuring the cost report.

Finish the configuration

Our product comes loaded with pre-defined policies and preset configurations.

Create your custom dashboards.

Build a policy to generate events.

Enable one of our many types of notifications.