User Interface

The basic layout of the Metricly user interface (UI) includes a primary navigation menu, a user account menu, help, and page content.

Refer to the figure above when reading the following:

  1. Home: Click the Metricly logo to return to the home page. Inventory Explorer is the default landing page.

    Changing the default landing page

    • On the Account Profile page, under the Landing Page drop down menu, select MetricsInventoryEventsDashboardsReports, or Policies.
  2. Primary navigation menu: The primary navigation menu contains the following items:
    • Dashboards: Scroll over Dashboards to access a saved dashboard or create a new dashboard.
    • Performance: Click Metrics to access the Metrics page.
    • Inventory: Click Inventory to access Inventory Explorer.
    • Events: Click Events to access Event Explorer.
    • Policies: Click Policies to access the Policies page. From the Policies page, you can click on an existing policy to edit its settings in Policy Editor, or click New Policy to create a new policy in Policy Editor.
    • Reports: Click Report to access Report Explorer.
    • Integrations: Click Integrations to view the list of integrations.
  3. Notifications: Scroll over the notifications icon to view your notifications about new features, product overviews, and more.
  4. User account menu: Scroll over the user account menu to access the Account Profile page or log out. From the Account Profile page, you can update account information, set user preferences, and add or delete datasources.
  5. Help: Click Help to open help content for the current page. You can also check out the Metricly overview video for more information.