Dropwizard is part Java framework and part Java library that assists in operating web services. Dropwizard will take your web application and run it locally, recording metrics on its performance. You can integrate with Dropwizard via our custom Dropwizard Metrics Library to send these metrics to a StatsD server, which you can then forward to Metricly.

Java Integration Options

We have several different options for monitoring Java applications. Each method varies in terms of setup difficulty and the amount / type of information it collects. See the table below for more information.

Method Description
Ananke Java library you can use to push metrics to the StatsD listener embedded in our Linux agent.

This approach requires that you integrate the StatsDReporter into your applications.
Dropwizard Integrate the dropwizard-metrics library into your Dropwizard application and configure it to send metrics to the StatsD listener embedded in our Linux agent.
Iris Java library you can use to push metrics directly to Metricly’s REST API.
Java Agent Open-source and open-license Java agent the does the byte-code instrumentation for you. No changes to source code required.
JMX Integration that relies on our Linux agent to collect JVM metrics (e.g., heap size, garbage collection, etc.) without code-level instrumentation.


    1. Include the appropriate Ananke library dependency. You’ll also need a working StatsD (Metricly StatsD or Etsy StatsD) integration.
    2. Include the appropriate dropwizard-metrics dependency for the build manager of your choice.
    3. Add the following to your Dropwizard config.yml file:
        frequency: 1 minute
          - type: metriclyicly
            host: metriclyicly-agent
            port: 8125