Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server metrics come packaged with the Metricly Windows agent. Our Windows agent is a Microsoft Windows service that collects, aggregates, and publishes windows performance counters and attributes. For more information on the Agent itself as well as any plugins available, see the Windows Agent page.


All editions of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2012 R2
The versions of Windows/Windows Server listed above have the required .NET Framework installed. In some cases, the required version of the .NET Framework may be installed but not enabled by default. Other older versions of Windows or Windows Server may work if you can install .NET Framework v. 4.5 or later.
Microsoft .NET Framework v. 4.5 or later


If you haven’t installed the Windows agent already, see the instructions on this page for how to install it. If you need to disable the Windows integration or view the unique API key assigned to your account, navigate to the Integrations page under the user account drop-down menu and click the integration designated as Windows under the Integration column.

There’s no additional configuration necessary for the Microsoft SQL Server if you’ve already installed the Windows agent unless you want to add additional custom metrics to supplement the default collected metrics.

Additional Configuration Options

For information on all the additional configuration options available, see the Windows Agent page.


The SQL Server metrics are a small subset of the available Windows metrics.

In the following tables, the BASE column indicates whether there’s a baseline band available for the metric, the CORR column indicates whether there’s a contextual band available for the metric, and the UTIL column indicates whether the metric can be used as a utilization metric in the Utilization and Utilization Boxplot Reports.


Category Instance Fully Qualified Name (FQN) Description
Process sqlserver sql_server.percent_processor_time The percentage of time the processor is busy.
General Statistics N/A sql_server.user_connections The number of users currently connected to the SQL Server.
General Statistics N/A sql_server.processes_blocked The number of processes that are blocked.
Locks _Total sql_server.total_lock_waits_per_sec The number of locks per second that had to wait for resources.
SQL Statistics N/A sql_server.batch_requests_per_sec The number of batches the server is receiving per second.
SQL Statistics N/A sql_server.sqL-compilations_per_sec The number of SQL compiles per second.
SQL Statistics N/A sql_server.sql_recompilations_per_sec The number of SQL recompiles per second.
Buffer Manager N/A sql_server.checkpoint_pages_per_sec The number of pages written to disk per second by a checkpoint operation.
Buffer Manager N/A sql_server.buffer_cache_hit_ratio The ratio of how many pages are going to memory versus the disk.
Buffer Manager N/A sql_server.page_life_expectancy The number of seconds a page is in the buffer pool without references.
Access Methods N/A sql_server.page_splits_per_sec The number of page splits occurring per second.

Additional Information

For information on manually installing the Windows Agent, checking the version of your agent, adding custom metrics, and more, see the Windows Additional Information page.