The AWS Services Cost report displays data across all of the AWS services that you are using. The report shows all services, including services that are not currently monitored by Metricly to provide an overall view of AWS costs. Depending on the level of access you configure (see the admin guide) you may see costs for just one account or consolidated across several.

See the admin guide for any installation and configuration steps.

This report helps you:

  • Identify outliers
  • Find unexpected cost changes
  • Analyze trends

Available Views

Use the action bar beneath the graph to select your report view (squared in green). Additionally, you can save a report, load a saved report, and switch between views from the same action bar.

Each view is broken down into categories (squared in blue). Clicking on a category in the graph legend hides or shows its data and updates the report totals. Hiding categories can be useful to help isolate individual cost issues.

Period Comparison

After choosing a period of time (7 days, 30 days, 365 days, etc), this graph displays a breakdown of your costs for that period along with the breakdown for a comparison period. The comparison period depends on the date range selected, but in most cases it compares the same period in the previous month. You can change the comparison period in the action bar.

Below, you can see that the period set is 7 days:

  • Dark blue represents the most recent 7 days
  • Light blue represents the corresponding 7 days in the previous month
  • The values at the top right of the chart show the comparison period total, the current period total and the change
  • The number above each bar is the cost delta for the service.

Period Comparison (Single Service)

This view is similar to the period comparison view but lets you drill into the details for a single AWS service and analyze the cost differences by tag or cost allocation tag just like the grouped by tag/attribute view. For example, if you see a large step in Elastic Compute Cloud costs you could open this view and group the costs by Instance Type to see where the additional costs are coming from.

Grouped by Services

This graph shows the total costs incurred for all AWS Services, broken down by service. You can, optionally, enable a pareto line on the chart. The line is plotted against the right-hand axis and shows a cumulative percent contribution of each of the bars. Use this view to see the total cost of your environment and total contributions by category.

Grouped by Tag/Attribute 

This view enables you to group costs by attributes or cost allocation tags. Cost allocation tags are tags that have been enabled as cost breakdown dimensions in AWS billing preferences.

For example, if combinations of your instances represent different applications you could create a tag called AppOne on your AWS instances and service entities and set the value accordingly.  If you activate the AppOne tag as a cost allocation tag, you could select AppOne in this view to aggregate the costs according to that grouping.

You can, optionally, enable a pareto line on the chart. The attributes available in this view are cost attributes collected by AWS.

Grouped by Day/Week/Month

When you select a time period greater than one day, you can choose to group total costs by days, weeks, or months.

Important Features

Save Reports & Enable Email Updates

Prefer email updates? Saved reports can be sent as daily emails, meaning no more end-of-the-month billing surprises.

  1. Click Save Report (squared in green). The Saved Report modal pops up.
  2. Name your new report.
  3. Available Actions:
    • Click Select (squared in yellow) to load a saved report.
    • Toggle Email (squared in blue) to receive daily reports.
    • Click the Mail icon (squared in purple) to receive an instant emailed report.
    • Click the Trash Can (squared in red) to delete a saved report.

AWS Total Cost Dashboard

When using the AWS Services Cost reports, you can also leverage the AWS Total Cost dashboard. This is a great way to visualize multiple angles of your data.

  1. Navigate to Dashboards.
  2. Input AWS Total Cost in the Name contains search bar.
  3. Click on the dashboard name to open it.

You can also click the Star to add this dashboard to your favorites, which are accessible in the Dashboard drop-down menu. To make the dashboard sharable, toggle Shared to active like below.


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